Saturday, December 29, 2007

Fat lot of good

You have to admire the editorial crew on Wired. It is one of the publications I regularly "info-snack" on (ie read the RSS feeds without necessarily following up by reading the whole article) but sometimes even I have to have more of a look. The headline that got me today "Around the World in a Boat Fueled by Human Fat". Using some human fat as fuel in the Earthrace vessel which is circumnavigating the world is a deliberate ploy to secure headlines ... but it shows some determination by the three crew members who underwent liposuction to offer up 2.5 gallons of fat - which was coverted into almost two gallons of fuel - enough to power the vessel for 9 miles under optimum conditions. As the article said, perhaps a little tongue in cheek, this would make it the "ultimate renewal fuel".

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