Friday, December 28, 2007

Tech Talk 2007

As year end quickly approaches, it's good to reflect on what the year has had to offer. I am, of course, talking technology and I was surprised to see that I wasn't the only one doing it. The BBC Technology Team have been reflective too and each has outlined the technology they thought had had the biggest impact during the year. They picked Facebook (social networking), Facebook (still social networking), rich web applications (like Google's online and shareable calendar), Enum (telephone number mapping which will make it easier to call via Skype) and, my personal favourite ... Witricity - which is wireless electricity. It could mean the end of all those power adapters. Witricity would, when developed and working to capacity, be able to flood a room with electricity. The system was tested in July, after eight months in development and was able to light a 60W light bulls 7ft (2m) through wood and metal.

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