Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Walrus activity

Here in Sydney we have a group called the Bondi Icebergs who go swimming at the height of Winter. even throwing large blocks of ice into their pool. In Russia, according to a report on SBS News tonight, they have the Walruses who also swim at the height of Winter, but first they have to clear the ice off the top of and out of their pool. While they didn't emerge with ice hanging off their hair and extremities, they looked very cold. I felt sorry for the young boy who jumped into the pool at his father's (?) beckoning, and then "couldn't decide whether to swim or scream" - so he did a little of both before he was pushed fully under the water for a moment and then lifted out onto the ice-covered pool surround. Such was the example of the Russian walruses starting "young".

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